At Arts Umbrella there is no fail, only try and proceed with the things you like.

As the parent of a child attending Arts Umbrella, and a former student myself, I encourage you to show your support for this not-for-profit organization and the amazing work that they do for children and communities.

I remember spending my whole day at Arts Umbrella’s summer camps. The classes were so much more than what was offered at school, where everyone worked on the same project and there were so many rules. It was there I found my passion for animation, which ultimately became my career working at The Capture Lab, run by Electronic Arts.

Now that I have kids, and know other Arts Umbrella parents, I am thrilled to still be part of the Arts Umbrella community. The freedom of discovery and encouragement to find our own way is a huge part of who I am now. It is a part of the success, and more importantly happiness, I have found!

I was lucky to have a family who believed in the importance of the arts, and were able to pay for my classes, but I know this is not true for everyone. With your support, Arts Umbrella can continue keep its classes accessible so that all children can participate.