My name is Ryan Hietanen. I have been at Electronic Arts for over 14 years and have worked as a Computer Graphics Supervisor as well as Director of Technology at The Capture Lab a subsidiary of Electronic Arts.

I focus on end to end solutions utilizing various 3D applications, programming and electronics. Experienced with project and staff management, motivating and influencing direct reports and other co-workers. Highly motivated by environments that encourage collaboration and learning.

Don’t assume it can’t be done! It’s much better to assume it CAN be done, and get to work on the possibilities. That’s how breakthroughs are made.


purchasing, software evaluation and improvement requirements, 3rd party vendor relationships, process effiencies, problem solving, project management, contract negotiations, product evaluations, inovation.

It is important to create an environment for employees that has the proper equipment and software for staff development to take place. An effective technology plan should not just focus on the technology but also the application of use. It is critical that technology accompany appropriate workflows and processes and more importantly that they were created along with the intended users during development and implementation to ensure adoption and ease transition periods.

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