Raspberry PI Laptop

My Raspberry PI Lapdock
My Raspberry PI Lapdock

I bought a Raspberry PI over the holidays and found myself fighting with my family for HDMI TV time to set it up and play with it. I found a few posts online that used Motorola Lapdocks with the Raspberry PI as they use micro HDMI and Micro USB for power and Keyboard/Mouse. I was horrified to find out that they had been discontinued back in June 2012, but I was delighted to learn that they had Dropped in price significantly $75-120. I managed to get the one I wanted off of Craigslist. Most of the online tutorials for these required a custom cable to be made for the micro USB from the lapdock to the female USE and Female micro USB of the Raspberry PI. I finally received the adapters I ordered to connect the Raspberry PI to the Lap dock and I am thrilled to report it all works wonderfully and I didn’t even have to make a custom cable.


I did have to shave some plastic off of the connectors to make them fit.

Here is a post I found very helpful from robpol86.com

Word to the wise be prepared to wait a minimum of 3 weeks if you order from DX.COM

Here are the bits and pieces I used to make it all work.